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The Big Change 

Posted by Barry Miltenburg 07 February 2019 18:22:00

So here we are - at the point where the old moves off an the new steps in to replace it.  Except that the new is not quite ready yet!!

It is right that the old versions of FYOB and FYOW are removed from sale and so the shop is closed for a short while.  A big decision has been to make the new rules and the new versions of the solo mechanisms FREE DOWNLOADS via the shop page. 

This has not been an easy or hasty decision.

A lot of investment has gone into the rules over the last 12 years or so and FYOW is about 100 pages long.  Nevertheless, we have made the decision and believe that it is the right one.  Our aim has always been to feed the solo-wargaming community with a WW2 toolbox of rules and ideas.  That hasn't changed but now we feel it is right to do it without charging.  The main driver for this has been a desire to attract new, younger wargamers into the community.  Young gamers who previously only knew screen-based games are trying wargaming out - there is evidence of this - and if we can get them into gaming with a decent, free set of rules, then our mission is accomplished.

And no, we are not trying to be super-cool or some kind of hero - we are just doing what we think is the right thing and no, we are not starting some crusade trying to persuade others to release their rules free!!

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