Happy New Year

Posted by Barry Miltenburg 04 January 2019 04:56:00

A Happy New Year to everybody everywhere.

The holiday season has allowed me to get into play testing for Heroes All and to start gathering my many notes for the FYOW re-write that were scribbled during my NZ trip.  Heroes All has the priority as I am keen to get the rules out there as soon as I can.

I have not forgotten my promise to produce a pdf on the changes from FYOBv4 to v5.  ITS COMING!  Its just a bit manic here at the moment.

There have been a few inevitable changes to HA as the play testing gets serious but thats OK - its what this phase is all about.  Each change does have an impact on other things though so I have been playing out scenarios three or four times a day to make sure that the changes work and that they do not unbalance other rules.  For example, changing movement distances could affect the weapon ranges.  The games also throw up situations where the rules are silent - I realised that I did not have a rule covering the effect of HE fire on open-topped AFVs - I thought I did until it happened in a test game.

Still much to do but stay tuned and I will post more updates and perhaps a YouTube video soon.



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