Fight Your Own Battles and Fight Your Own Wars both come complete with all the stationery you need and a comprehensive list of dice and other equipment that is needed to play out your game or campaign.  No special items are required (i.e. we don't sell you rules and then get you to spend a small fortune on stuff that allows you to use them!!)

6th February 2019

The FYOB store is now closed.

We are going throough a major re-vamp and will be back open shortly with a new ruleset and an accompanying new version of Fight Your Own Battles.

Fight Your Own Wars is being re-written and will be available in its new format as soon as testing and cross-checking is complete (this may take a month or two so please bear with us).

Thank you for your patience.

Cards, dice and counters ready to play.  Fight Your Own Battles uses only simple, easily accessible tools.  The download includes all the other stationery you will need.

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