Fight Your Own Wars

FYOW is the campaign version of FYOB - a tool to run a solo campaign in the WW2 era that acts as an extension to FYOB.  Many of the command control structures in FYOB are used as the basis for the campaign mechanism so that there is continuity.  It is designed to play out land based campaigns but includes mechanisms to bring in air and naval engagements.  Then there are the aspects of a campaign that are more or less invisible - like logistics, replenishment of casualties and high level strategic decisions.


Add to that the impact of the weather over larger areas, movement made by other units not actually on the game table, convoys under attack from submarines, air patrols etc etc - and you have a different World!


FYOW covers all these things and allows a player to conduct a campaign either solo or with colleagues.  The FYOW book comes with a stationery pack and so includes everything you will need to play out a campaign - all you need to add is the usual array of dice, a set of playing cards etc etc.  In fact, FYOW contains a complete list of all the bits and pieces you need.  This page in the book is reproduced here so that you can be fully prepared.

Sample page

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