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Posted by Barry Miltenburg 17 October 2018 16:20:00

Today I tore myself away from working on rules to build a few kits that I had acquired recently.

Pics to follow but I managed to get a couple of Airfix D-Day Coastal Defence kits and then a Horsa glider kit when I was at the Shuttleworth Air Show.  A couple of afternoons in the shed saw all three built.  Just as I finished, I found a kit for a Hurricane that I didn't know I had!!

The rules are at the "mechanical presentation" phase - they are written in dry form having been through a number of test games.  The next phase is to test them thoroughly, adding things in that come up in test gaes, clarifying bits, tweaking bits etc etc.  I am conscious that, like a number of rule sets, I have a short/medium/long range aspect but in reality, sections and platoons rarely fought over vast tracts of land so I am contemplating moving to "effective range" and "short range".  I will be testing this out shortly before disappearing overseas for nearly 7 weeks!!  I will be taking the ruleset with me to read, re-read and then check again.  Cross referencing and reading in the cold light of day (on an 11 hour aeroplane flight!) is a useful way of making sure that what you write makes sense later.

I will post some pictures of kits and test games in the next couple of days.


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