For 15mm or 20mm solo wargamers and campaign players in the WW2 era.

Well hello and welcome to the website for HEROES ALLFIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES and FIGHT YOUR OWN WARS

There are brief descriptions here of each of the 3 publications, a DOWNLOADS page where they are all available FREE and then some more stuff about my own wargaming exploits - a GALLERY page, some help with WHERE TO START if you are new to wargaming and MAKING SCENERY if you need some help in that department. 

Heroes All is a whole rule system that allows 2 players to play a 15/20mm tabletop wargame at Company/platoon level on a table probably no larger than about 6ft x 4ft.  (28mm players may find the move-distances and firing ranges a bit short.  10/6mm players can simply interpret "inches" as "centimetres").  The rules come with a complete Weapons CODEX, printable CODEX Cards and printable RULES cards.  There is even a series of "Examples and Little Stories" to explain how the rules work.

Fight Your Own Battles is a unique mechanism that allows a 15mm/20mm wargamer to play a battle as both Generals.  They dove-tail into my new ruleset Heroes All.  Here you will find a complete games package including a comprehensive weapons codex. 

Fight Your Own Wars is a collection of rules and ideas for playing a WW2-era solo campaign and includes information on maps, movement, aircraft, naval operations, weather and a load of other stuff as well like logistics, replenishment of casualties etc.  The new version will, hopefully, be ready in the not too distant future!!

NOTE - all of the above is available FREE through this website.

As always, please do not be shy about contacting me through this site - whatever your thoughts - click on the radio vehicle below to go to the CONTACTS page.

Happy wargaming!!


FYOW developments

By the end of this month, I am hoping to be ready for a big test of the FYOW mechanism

Full details on the NEWS page


As a result of a number of unrelated circumstances, the planned programme of YouTube videos and podvids discussing Fight Your Own Wars has been cancelled.  The development of the FYOW ruleset will continue but it is not feasible to progress this and produce YouTube content at the same time without compromising quality in either.

Whilst it has not been easy to make this decision, I am now confident that I can push on testing and finalising the FYOW rules to a point where they can be released for FREE download on this website.

Thank you for your understanding.



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There is a typo in the Table on page 23 - please refer to the Heroes All page of this website for details.

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