For solo wargamers and campaign players in the WW2 era.

Well hello and welcome to the website for FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES and FIGHT YOUR OWN WARS

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Fight Your Own Battles is a unique mechanism that allows a wargamer to play a battle as both Generals.  You choose your own rules to suit your own tastes and substitute those bits of FYOB where appropriate - usually Morale rules.  There are now so many rules about that I have removed the previous links to other people's rules simply because I couldn't keep up!!  Any specific queries - ping me an email :-)

Fight Your Own Wars is a collection of rules and ideas for playing a WW2-era solo campaign and includes information on maps, movement, aircraft, naval operations, weather and a load of other stuff as well like logistics, replenishment of casualties etc.

As always, please do not be shy about contacting me through this site - whatever your thoughts.

New pictures for 2016 are being uploaded to prove that I am still active - despite rumours!!!!

Happy wargaming

Barry Miltenburg


Values for soldiers, vehicles and guns now available as a FREE pdf at the "Solo Games House Rules" page

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