So what is Fight Your Own Battles?

For many, sound reasons, not all of us are able to fight wargames against a regular opponent, or play games against any opponent on a regular basis away from a club.  If you need to play a game though, the only real answer is a solo game.


There have always been 3 ways to play a solo game - you played as both Generals and have some way of "not knowing" what the other side was doing, you played one General against a programmed opponent, or you played neither General and just moved the pieces around the board as a spectator.  Let us dismiss this latter option as it is probably more fun to watch a good film!

The programmed opponent is such a difficult thing to do that I have never gone down this route although I confess that the scenarios Charles S Grant puts into his "Programmed Solo Wargames" book are very good and I have used a number of them as test battles/campaigns.

I have concentrated my efforts on playing both Generals - note Generals and not necessarily table-top commanders.  In this way, a number of factors come into play to detach me from the actual fighting.

I do not play as the table-top commander.  I rely on my table-top figures to Command and Control their forces, dictated by their characters and a number of other factors.  These are all what I call disruptors - that is things that disrupt the expected flow of the army's progress.

So what do you get?

Fight Your Own Battles is a complete mechanism that allows you to play the Heroes All rules as a solo player.  Your table-top Officers and NCO's are charged with the responsibilities of Commanding their troops to follow the orders you give the Senior Commanders.  How they interprete these orders and how well the NCOs function is very much out of your hands although very little is random - you retain overall control of the big picture but the table-top soldiers do things their way!

If you need parachute drops, beach landings, Commandos and Elite forces or Guards on patrol, they are all here and lots more besides.

And the best thing of all - ITS ALL FREE on the DOWNLOADS page!!

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