March 2024 revised update - an explanation

A spate of recent games and more FYOW testing has revealed a few holes in the HA rules that I have fixed over the past few weeks.  New HA rules pages and QRF cards have been added to the Downloads page for ease along with some new Codex cards.  The background to all this is as follows;

  • The unobserved Autospot - a Bazooka team make a dash across the road to get a better shot at the Panzer IV approaching, only to come up short on their 3D6 movement throw.  They are stuck in the street with the tank bearing down on them.  The tank activates but throws an Order Dice of "1" so, technically, can't spot them and then fire.  OK, so the crew are not alert enough to get the TMG firing?  Doesn't feel right, especially as the Bazooka team are only 9 inches away in broad daylight!  Hence the Unobserved Autospot rule.  A target coming into view oppotunistically can be considered to be spotted if that Observation turns out to be an Autospot - less than 10 inches away with no negative modifiers - i.e. a D6 requirement of "1".  The observation does not require an Act and the tank can fire but gets a +1 modifier on the D6 throw so that a "5" would become a "6".  This rule applies to all spotters and target types.
  • The rules do not specifically say that crew served AT guns are "Crewed + Immobile" so this has now been clarified.  They cannot set up (on an Act) and fire in the same bound.
  • A PIAT team hide behind a building for an approaching enemy tank which passes within an inch or two of them.  Would it not be equitable that a point-blank shot gets more chance of hitting than a shot from 9 inches away?  To cover this, PIAT, Bazooka and Panzerschreck weapons now have a "short range" option, although the Attack Value is the same at both ranges.  The short range gives the firer a +1 bonus to the dice roll when shooting.  Revised Codex cards for these weapons are included in the recent pdf on the downloads page.  [The rule does not apply to Panzerfaust or Northover Project weapons which were, apparently, less accurate anyway]
  • Shooting a MMG team through the slits of a pillbox should be harder than shooting at them whilst they seek the cover of a stone wall.  Indeed.  Therefore, defenders in a pillbox can claim Hard cover and Pillbox protection, meaning that the firer gets a +1 requirement for "enemy in hard cover" and another +1 requirement for "enemy in a pillbox".  Elite firers or short range make the shot a "6" and, at least, feasible.
  • Having added an LCT-4 to my Allied fleet, their carrying capacity has been improved to 180 points so that they can carry 3 heavy or 4/5 smaller tanks or vehicles.
  • After playing loads of games with the "6 on a D6 to save" rule in place, it's effectiveness has proved to be minimal.  To remove this unnecessary additional step in the firing process, the rule has been scrapped.
  • It has been clarified that infantry in a landing craft can claim Hard cover from small arms and CSW fire.
  • A Codex card for early versions of the German Panzer IV (with a 75mm L24 gun) were missed.  This error has now been corrected.

My thanks to fellow players and correspondents for their suggestions and comments leading to the above.

The Russians have arrived (and others)

I have uploaded the basic set of Russian CODEX cards for free downloading.  The list includes the basic vehicles that will allow you to play a game on the Eastern front - a first for HA and FYOB!!  The Polish CODEX has also been updated with a few new vehicles.

New version of Heroes All (2024 update)

The errors mentioned below have now been corrected and the present version of HA on the Downloads page is correct.  If you already have a copy, simply amend Page 23.  The last page (Addendum) is also worth a look as there are some clarifications and new ideas in there.


New CODEX Cards for Heroes All and FYOB

As a result of information gathered for recent campaign testing, I have updated the CODEX cards to include some new German vehicles, and, more importantly, weapon and vehicle data for JAPANESE and POLISH forces.  These are based on magazine info from 2006, modified by a bit of research and tweaked to suit HA and FYOB.

To make the cards easier to download and easier to print only the bits you need, the new cards will be available by COUNTRY.

I have taken the opportunity to review the cards and correct a few typos.  Apologies for not spotting these - the big one is the incorrect data quoted for MMG and TMG weapons.  There was also a few gremlins regarding Autocannons.

Finally, I will start work on the RUSSIAN forces - a topic I have avoided until now but which has been mentioned by more than one or two correspondents!



Despite many checks, I have found a typo in the Heroes All rules.  angryangry

The version I have is right but the version that appears on the DOWNLOADS PAGE includes the error.

The number of shots per bound for a LMG should be 3, the number of shots per bound for a MMG or HMG should be 4.  The range and shots for a Tank MG should be the same as a MMG.

The version of the rules on the Downloads page has been updated - if you have already downloaded them, please amend the table on Page 23.  Apologies


Heroes All            


If you are a 15mm or 20mm WW2 tabletop wargamer, then why not try out Heroes All rules for your next game.

Available FREE OF CHARGE through this website, they come with CODEX cards that you can print out for easy reference and printable versions of the most-often referred to rules to speed up the game.

If you do not have an opponent for any reason, no problem - simply ignore the 2-player section and substitute the Fight Your Own Battles solo gaming mechanism and you can enjoy a solo game using the exact same rules.

Later, we are hoping to publish the revised version of Fight Your Own Wars - a campaign guide for those players who want to go to the next level.  These new rules will dovetail perfectly with Heroes All and Fight Your Own Battles.


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