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First full FYOW campaign

Over the past few months, the FYOW rules have been tested in small, stand-alone modules.  Map moving, logistics, observation, long-range artillery and weather have all been "through the mill" (along with other sections) to make sure that they were robust enough.

As each bit has been tested, it has been expanded out to join up with other modules in mini games, making sure that the map-movement and weather rules (for example) make sense together.

Those two were joined by long-range artillery rules and so on.

Now, the time has come to put it all into a single test campaign - the first full campaign the I have run using FYOW.

The basis is Charles Stewart Grant's final chapter in his book Programmed Wargames Scenarios.  The Germans in Sicily are defending a valley route which the British are about to recce and capture.  Forces are HA equivalent of CSG's recommendations.

10 boards and 2 armies - watch this space!!

Website problems

As a result of recent changes to the server on which the FYOB site sits, a number of problems have come to light.  Most of these appear to be related to downloads.

My IT guru Ian is a top bloke and, despite only being paid in scraps of food and being allowed out for limited periods, does a wonderful job keeping the site healthy.  He and I are chatting about the issues and we hope to get the problems resolved as quickly as possible. 

If you come across something that isn't working, please EMAIL FYOB and let us know.  Many thanks.


FYOW Video series cancelled

It is with some regret that I find myself unable to give adequate time to the production of the FYOW series of videos and podvids that were planned for the FYOB YouTube channel.

A series of recent events, all unrelated to the FYOB/FYOW project has meant that I do not have the time to continue with the development of FYOW and produce 15 videos of suitable quality.  Something had to give and I have concluded that the videos are of less importance than the rules.

This situation is not cast in stone forever.  A year from now, the position may well have changed and I could be able to think about videos again, but for now, the little time I now have to give to the overall project is best spent working on FYOW.

I would like to thank the small but loyal band of fellow gamers who have subscribed and watched the videos so far and those who have taken the time to comment.




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