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Signing in and Accounts

As it is no longer a neccesity to Register or sign in before downloading stuff, please be advised that all accounts have been deleted as being no longer required.

Heaxagonal Baseboards

I have taken delivery of some 6mm MDF hexagons (from Bee Beautiful) and have cut a few to make edges and corners.  Here they are, laid out on my dining room table.  (My normal play-table is covered on FYOW testing paperwork!!)  Each hex is 24cms across the flats.  My initial thought is that they are a bit small but I have recently started investigating 6mm armour and am now considering doing some Western desert games in 6mm.  The Hexes will allow me (in my usual style) to mark roads and tracks to create thousands of variations of boards.  Buildings need only be small boxes and trees can be obtained cheaply from eBay.  I have always resisted changing scales but watch this space!!


New scenery items

You know that I like making my own scenery but that does not stop me from buying nice bits if I see them.  I recently bought some wall section pieces from aha21 on eBay.

Produced in a neutral resin, they fit together nicely and the bits I ordered gave me straight, corners, junctions and broken sections.  A bit of washing and painting will give me some nice options.  Suitable for 15mm and 20mm, they are probably too small for 28mm - they are 17mm high so only come in at 4ft 3in in 20mm but it is not unusual to find low walls.  The random rubble piles are also nice - useful as stand-alone pieces or within the walls of a damaged building.  I am only a satisfied customer - no other reason for bringing these to your attention!  The website is worth a look.



There is an error in the Table on page 23.  Please see the Heroes All page on this website for details.


A few new Codex cards are now available, covering some of the FYOB rule mechanisms and some generic weapons and vehicles missed from the initial batch (trucks, motorcycles, grenades, mines, explosives, assaults etc).  A separate FREE DOWNLOAD will be made available shortly to avoid you having to download all the cards again.

Even more YouTube Videos

Another batch of videos have been uploaded, covering the rest of the Heroes All rule basics and the fundamental bits of FYOB.  A demonstration game is coming shortly

More YouTube Videos

As promosed, the PodVids continue to arrive on YouTube.  The lastest one (#3) looks at some of the pre-game stuff and includes a few definitions of words like "bound" so that what follows can be eassily understood.  Hot on the heels of #3 comes something on game-flow before we start looking at Morale, Observation and the nitty gritty of moving and shooting.

YouTube Channel Videos

I have started to upload the first of a series of videos discussing the Heroes All ruleset.  They start with an introduction and one on the cost and composition of your force.  The next few will focus on the basic game play.  I am not covering every aspect of every rule - just giving you a flavour.  In time, I will do the same for FYOB and FYOW.  Now and then, I will do some "Background" ones on things like dice, scenery, playing tips and the like.  For now, to avoid distractions, I am not making videos on games but I will once the current project is done - I should add that the present list of videos is 47 titles long!!!


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