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March 2024 Revised Update for Heroes All

A number of small rule alterations have become necessary for Heroes All.  These include;

  • Revising the "Autospot" rules in Observation for targets right under your nose
  • Clarifying the "Crewed + Immobile" status of crew served AT guns
  • Adding a "short" range to PIAT, Bazooka and Panzerschreck weapons
  • Removal of the "Save" rule for infantry hits
  • Clarifying the cover afforded by landing craft for infantry occupants
  • Clarifying the carrying capacity of LCT's

Full details and explanations are given on the Heroes All page.

To make things as simple as possible for existing ruleset holders, replacement pages have been added to the Downloads page so that these can be printed and substituted without having to reprint the whole book.

In addition, the QRG cards for Firing, Observing and Moving have been added to the PDF.

New Codex cards for early Panzer IV models and revised cards for PIAT, Bazooka and Panzerschreck weapons are also included.

First full FYOW campaign

Over the past few months, the FYOW rules have been tested in small, stand-alone modules.  Map moving, logistics, observation, long-range artillery and weather have all been "through the mill" (along with other sections) to make sure that they were robust enough.

As each bit has been tested, it has been expanded out to join up with other modules in mini games, making sure that the map-movement and weather rules (for example) make sense together.

Those two were joined by long-range artillery rules and so on.

Now, the time has come to put it all into a single test campaign - the first full campaign the I have run using FYOW.

The basis is Charles Stewart Grant's final chapter in his book Programmed Wargames Scenarios.  The Germans in France are defending a valley route which the British are about to recce and capture.  Forces are HA equivalent of CSG's recommendations.

10 boards and 2 armies - watch this space!!



There is an error in the Table on page 23.  Please see the Heroes All page on this website for details.

This error has been corrected in the 2024 Update now downloadable from the site.




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