Fight Your Own Wars

FYOW is the campaign version of FYOB - a tool box of ideas that will enable you to run a solo campaign in the WW2 era (and possibly beyond if you are happy to adapt and adopt the rules as you see fit).  The rules are an extension of FYOB and many of the structures in FYOB are used in FYOW so that there is continuity.  When the action switches to the tabletop, the Heroes All ruleset is a perfect compliment.

FYOW is designed to play out land-based campaigns but includes mechanisms to bring in air and naval engagements.  Then there are aspects of a campaign that are more or less invisible - like logistics, replenishment of casualties and high level strategic decisions.

Add to that the impact of weather and map movement and you have a different World!  There is even a section looking at personalised wargaming where your officers and named.  Now they can be promoted or mentioned in dispatches - just as Donald Featherstone would have done.

FYOW will cover all of these things and allow a player to conduct a campaign either solo or with colleagues.  Just because the rules are geared towards solo play, there is no reason why they should not be used against an opponent, or, perhaps, with two or more of you teaming up as a "solo team" (if that makes sense).  The book will come with a stationery pack and so will include everything you will need to play out your campaigns - all you need to add is the usual array of dice etc.  In fact, FYOW contains a complete list of all the bits and pieces you will need.

I am hoping to release the new version of FYOW soon, but after discovering typos in Heroes All recently, I am even more paranoid about proof-reading and testing than ever before.  I am also concerned that every time I read about a campaign, the FYOW rules call for a small amendment to cover some new situation.  I guess there is a danger that you can play-test forever and never get to the point of being satisfied.  I am trying to avoid this whilst, at the same time, making it the best that it can be.  Please be patient with me!

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