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The rules, mechanisms and CODEX cards discussed on this website are available FREE OF CHARGE by download below.


Please note that after the end of 2023, the CODEX card sets for each nation will not be updated, but I will post an "Additions" sheet from time to time.  To have all of the British, for example, download the British CODEX cards and then have a look at the "Additions" sheets for any extra bits I have added.


Simply click in the links and then save the pdf. files that appear to your computer or laptop.  They are all printable on a standard colour printer.


The cards are designed to fit into plastic sleeves.  Go for 63.5mm x 88mm (2 1/2in x 3 1/2in) sleeves.  This is a standard size for D&D type card games.  I get mine from Mayday Games but others are available - 100 sleeves for US$4.


HEROES ALL - The 2024 revised updated version (v10) - download by clicking here.


The new pages for the March 2024 revised update (!) can be downloaded by clicking here.


FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES (2021 Revised EDITION) - download by clicking here


British can be downloaded here

German can be downloaded here

Italian can be downloaded here

Japanese can be downloaded here

American can be downloaded here

French can be downloaded here

Polish can be downloaded here

Russian can be downloaded here

Sundry Nations can be downloaded here


Codex cards 2024 additions can be downloaded here


Generic weapon cards can be downloaded here

Rule Tables cards can be downloaded here



HEROES ALL AIRCRAFT DATA - Warning - these are very simplified for our game so feel free to change if you are an aircraft nut!! - download by clicking here


EXAMPLES AND LITTLE STORIES - Heroes All and FYOB rules explained in fun-sized bites.  Download by clicking here



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