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Important announcement

As at early February 2019, the FYOB "shop" is closed as we finalise the future plans for FYOB and FYOW.  The new rules, known as "Heroes All", are in the final stages of testing and it is hoped that within a month or so, they will be ready for publication.  At this point, they will be made available through the shop although it is anticipated that they will be released FREE OF CHARGE.  That means that they will appear in the shop as a free download.

The rules will be playable by either solo gamers or as a 2-player game.  To achieve this, there will    be 2 sets of Command & Control rules - one called "Fight Your Own Battles" and the other integral to the Heroes All rules.  They will dovetail together in such a way that the same mechanisms can be used for moving, shooting etc whichever Command & Control system you use.

The "morale" rules (known in FYOB as Continuous Momentum) will appear in the Heroes All rules as will most of the stuff that previously appeared in the "Yellow" pages of FYOB.  Fight Your Own Battles will now concentrate on Command & Control and include the rules for Order Priority Cards, order Dice, Officer Reaction Tests etc.  It is anticipated that the new FYOB release will also be a free download.

Fight Your Own Wars will get a complete makeover and the proposed changes to Command & Control, maps/movement and Supply neccesitate making some changes to FYOB so that they continue to fit neatly together.  These changes will not be major and those players who have got used to FYOB will not notice any vast changesPrevious users of FYOW however, will find the new rules more streamlined, easier to use, more integrated and, hopefully, less wordy.  The new FYOW is likely to run to 50+ pages but we are aiming to make this a free download as well.
With FYOB, Heroes All and FYOW, the new rulebooks will contain more photos and explanations of how the rules work in practice.  Heroes All will come with a Codex giving information about weapons, vehicles etc and a set of cards that can be printed out and placed into sleeves to act as an easy reference guide.  A redesigned FYOB Cardsheet removes the need for the Activity Sheets so the admin side of the game will be easier.  The Codex and cards will be a free download.
You will see that there is a lot of work going on and there is still a lot to do.  We thank you for your continued support and your patience during this transitional time.  It is hoped that the new rules can be released as quickly as possible - finding that balance between making them available and making sure that there are no oversights and mistakes.  The fact that they will be free does not mean that we will just bash them together and stick them on the website - we are hoping to be able to claim that they are the best WW2 solo wargame rules and mechanisms out there - and they are free.
Stay tuned - news will be posted as it happens.


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