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Posted by Barry Miltenburg 22 October 2018 17:20:00

What a busy day after a busy weekend!

I have finished taking photos and video footage for a couple of short videos that I am looking to post on the new FYOB YouTube channel in the next day or two.  Unfortunately, I have a bit of a cold so the narration is a bit nasal but its OK and I wanted to get the content out there - I am sure people will forgive me.

The two new videos - to go with the FYOB Introduction - feature the equipment needed to play the mechanism and a look at some of the FYOB features like the Order Die and the Officer Reaction Tests.

Time is not my friend at the moment but I have a bit of time just before Xmas so in the next few weeks (when I am out of the country btw) I will start to plan and script a FYOB game to show the mechanism in action.

That also gives me a natural lead into Heroes All which is now at the stage of game testing.  I have just reversed a major re-write of the infantry small arms firing rules.  They sounded great on paper but they were really clunky at the table.  Sometimes, good ideas are just not good ideas!!

I am planning a series of games to test and pressure test the rules over the Xmas break.  If they survive, I will start the publishing process which involves photographs and artwork, layouts, examples and information panels.  I will also need to put a Codex together covering the major weapons of the war and then another Codex for all the weapons.  When you consider that this latter list has to cover all small arms, AT guns, artillery, CSW's, aircraft, boats and AVRE types, you will appreciate that this is a bit of job!

Luckily I have a lot of it already so its just (!!) a case of pulling it into shape (he says....)


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