Lone Warrior

Posted by Barry Miltenburg 28 November 2018 03:25:00

For reasons that should be obvious, I have just become a fully paid up member of the Solo Wargamers Association.  The delays in me doing so are not so obvious - I really don’t have any!!

This has got me thinking about my gaming.  Unlike a lot of players, I restrict myself to one historic period and do not have armies of ancients, Romans, Naps and Sci-fi.  My interests in wargaming stem from my interests in history and these have always been focussed on WW2 hence my position.

Is that a good thing?  Everybody else subscribes to a magazine or various blog sites and gets something out of the contents - a bit of Naps, a scenario for a Roman game, something for their ACW armies to do etc.  Me, I often look through the wargame mags in the newsagents and then don’t buy them because I am not prepared to pay £4 for what is one article on some aspect of a WW2 game.

On the otherhand, without spending most of the household treasury, I have acquired a decent sized army for British, German, American and Italien forces that include infantry, paratroops, specialist units, CSW’s, lighter armour, artillery, aircraft, boats etc.  I also have a great deal of scenery meaning that I can have a stab at virtually any scenario I come across without having to go out and spend more cash or start making modifications to the ORBATS or table details.

There are arguments for and against.  At present however, I am happy to stay where I am, notwithstanding a growing interest in the Spanish Civil War.  I guess some flexibility is not going to be a bad thing...



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