Post-holiday Heroes All gets its first outings

Posted by Barry Miltenburg 29 December 2018 20:09:00

So there I was in October and all of a sudden I was in December!  A 6 week break in wonderful New Zealand caused the time-slip - and what a great place NZ is!!

The holiday gave the time to relax and think about aspects of Heroes All and FYOW that needed to be thought about.  I started with the best of several rulesets that I have used over the years and then changed, tweaked, threw out and modified again to come up with a set of rules that I was comfortable with.  The only issue was I had loads of ideas but I was 6000 miles from my wargames table.

A return home has allowed me to run a few basic test games to evaluate the ideas - they were not cast in stone by a long chalk and in fact, I had 2 or 3 sets of rules for moving, firing and observing that need to be tested.

Today, the book is down to one set of each rules and I have played a couple of test scenarios to see how they go.  In fact, they went quite well although inevitably, there are always little changes and tweaks.  Some of the firing outcomes were really brutal and it became clear that moving around the table with a large group of firing teams allowed me to just steamroller my way to whatever objective I wanted.  Its a bit like having a Japanese Infantry element on the charge - basically unstoppable!!  Needless to say I have now sorted that one and toned down the effects of some of the weaponary.

There are still a few mods to do but I am hapy with progress so far.  Over the next few days (up until the end of the year in fact) I will be running different scenarios with different forces to pressure test the rules and make sure that they are good enough to put out there.  I have already said that I will release them without charge but that does not give me the right to compromise on quality - I want them to be as good as they can be.

Have a great New year and keep watching this space and my new FightYourOwnBattles YouTube channel.



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