The right way to move forward

Posted by Barry Miltenburg 27 November 2018 04:18:00

Hello from South Island NZ.  The country and the folk here remain stunning!!

I have been grafting for the last couple of days on both Heroes All and the FYOW re-vamp.  I’ve got the basics and just need to get them back onto the wargames table and test the pants off them.  Out of this I will get all the little tweaks and changes that create a proper set of rules.  I am sure that other writers don’t do it this way but it works for me.  When I used to write presentation material I used this method - get the basics down and then present it to myself over and over until I hammered out the finished article.  Its a well worn road for me.

One decision I have made, and its a big one, is that Heroes All and FYOW will probably be made available free of charge.  Yes - that’s free of charge.  FYOB will still be sold and may one day be revised into a freebie but not yet.  

The fact that HA and FYOW may be free does not make any difference as far as quality is concerned.  I am not going to bash something together and just stick it on the site with the idea that its a free download so any old crappy system will do.  No sir - it will be as godd as I can get it, just free.

Why?  I have just finished reading Tony Bath’s book on the Society of Ancients and Slingshot and his Hyboria campaign.  All that stuff was made available free of charge for the benefit of the wargaming community at large - and that community have lapped it up.  Now I am not in any way suggesting that my humble offerings are in the same league as Tony Baths.  I am feeling though that if his efforts were free, my stuff does not deserve to attract a charge.  After all, I do not need to be paid for it, I am just making a few $ on the side for my efforts.

It will be a couple of weeks before I am back and get full access to the website shop but stay tuned.



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